Trello integration instructions

Trello integration instructions

Включает в себя: регистрацию аккаунта, получение необходимых данных и внесение данных на сайт.

Registering an account

  1. Sign up on the site ( ), follow all instructions.
  2. Customize the board and lists (follow the instructions of the service).

Getting the required data

As a result of these steps, we should get:

  1. Api key.
  2. Token.
  3. List ID.

Api key

While logged into Trello, in a new tab go to app-key.

We are immediately offered to generate a token.

trello img 1


Save the api key, follow the toker generation link.

We get acquainted with the information, click “Allow”. Save the token.

trello img 2

List ID

To get the id of the list, go to the created board and open the card of the list to which we will add orders. Copy the resulting link.

trello img 3

In a new tab, open this link and add “.json” to the end. It should look something like this . On this page, we need to find “idList” and copy its value (you can use the search ctrl+f). Save the value.

trello img 4

All the data is there. Go to the site admin area.

Entering data into the site

  1. Go to “Site Settings” (in the top menu). Next is the Trello tab.
  2. Check the box “Send data to trello”, in the “Api key” - enter the api key, in the “Token” - token, in the “List Id” - List id.trello img 5
  3. Save.
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