Online menu for a cafe: a trend or a tool to increase sales?

More and more fast food cafes and restaurants offer visitors not classic menus printed on paper, but an online version. This is much more convenient, because a person can view each dish in the usual format, see its description and photo. The online menu can be attributed to the trends, which are a great way to increase the status of the institution and increase sales.

QR code with menu as an effective sales tool

Over the past 5 years, QR codes have firmly established themselves at the forefront of social progress. If in 2019 they were considered a technology that will remain at the start of its journey, then already in 2021 these “black squares” have greatly simplified the lives of entrepreneurs, their clients, and, of course, marketers.

Restaurant menu in PDF. Why is it inconvenient?

Each restaurant's website, regardless of the number of dishes they offer or their cost, the possibility of home delivery and any other specific parameters, must contain a menu. It is thanks to this “presentation” that Internet users can choose the desired food and drinks, and, more importantly, place an order without communicating with the operator-manager.

Trello integration instructions

Включает в себя: регистрацию аккаунта, получение необходимых данных и внесение данных на сайт.

The trend for mobile Internet in the restaurant business

If you are interested in developing a website for a restaurant, do not rush to choose a contractor. A high-quality institution portal must meet many requirements. Including, be adapted for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.