We live in a time of rapid and global transformations. The whole world is in a difficult situation. The crisis affected all segments of the market and all types of businesses. But transformation sounds better than crisis, so let's transform!

My name is Sergey Kulik, I am the founder of a web development company and integrated digital business solutions. We have created the Food Digital Service platform, which allows the restaurant business to quickly transform and go online in 2-3 business days.

We did not launch aggressive advertising to create websites in order to earn as much as possible. We consciously approached the creation of a simple, fast and budget solution that will be useful for both a large restaurant and a small family cafe. We have collected all our many years of experience with restaurant business and prepared for you a ready-made website of a virtual restaurant with the ability to receive orders on-line. In fact, our product is a ready-made online store created specifically for cafes and restaurants. By purchasing this ready-made website, you will only need to upload your menu and start taking orders on-line. I am sure that our solution will allow you to quickly switch to on-line mode and cover at least 80-90% of the needs that fall on the site as a business tool.

Almost every restaurant or cafe today has a website. To save money or for other reasons, menus on these sites are provided in PDF format. But you can't “attach” to a PDF menu BUY or ORDER button. By simplifying the site and removing a full-fledged menu from it, the owners of the establishments deprived themselves of the possibility of placing an order on-line.

Numerous delivery services are now actively offering their services. Many of you decide the issue of ordering and delivery through third-party services. For this you have to pay a fairly large commission. Costs are covered by job cuts. However, not all settlements have delivery services, but smartphones, mobile communications and the Internet are almost everywhere!Therefore, the Food Digital Service platform is an optimal, fast, economical, and most importantly effective solution that will save your business and allow you to quickly switch to on-line operation! Our product is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of the region and the level of the establishment. You can convert your waiters into couriers, administrators will be able to take and process orders.

I really hope that the Food Digital Service platform will be a useful and effective solution for you. And most importantly, we hope that our decision will help save at least some of the jobs. After all, the crisis will end, and not everyone will be able to start a business from scratch.

Good luck and good health to all of us!

Serhii Kulik

Founder of Food Digital Service
Sergey Kulik

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