Why does a restaurant need a website if information can be submitted on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Why does a restaurant need a website if information can be submitted on Instagram, Facebook, etc.

The number of users of Instagram, Facebook and other social networks is growing every year. It is recommended to create a profile for your own establishment here for any restaurant business owner.

However, the development of a full-fledged representation on the Internet should not be abandoned either. A high-quality and mobile-friendly website for a restaurant can bring more orders and profits, and bring more guests than an account in any social networks.

Website or social media account – what do you prefer?

Compared to a social media page, having your own restaurant website has several practical advantages:

  • Provides ample opportunity to attract guests.

Get new users – potential customers, who in the future can become real customers of dishes at home and visitors to your establishment, can be used with the help of contextual advertising, search engine promotion, promotion through thematic blogs and aggregator services.
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  • Builds a sustainable brand.

It will be easier for your target audience to get used to a full-fledged web resource than to a social media account. The portal can be designed in the corporate style of the restaurant itself. Modern technologies make it possible to create virtual rooms of any size, which users can "walk" around. even from one floor to another.

  • No restrictions on design and functionality.

A social media page always has limited design options. It is extremely difficult to stand out from the background of competing accounts, even with the help of professional photos of dishes and interiors.

A significant drawback is the lack of a food delivery order form. On the page on Instagram or Twitter, you can give the phone number of the institution. However, most Internet users prefer to place orders online, without communicating with the operator.

  • Generates free targeted traffic from search engines

Among your site visitors, and therefore potential guests of the establishment and customers of meals at home, there will be users from search engines interested in restaurants and food delivery.

  • Provides independence from constantly changing social media rules

The owner of web portals does not have to think that their project may be suddenly blocked, for example, due to suspicion of cheating; subscribers. You can upload literally any text and graphic content, observing only the requirements for uniqueness.

Restaurant site features

One of the key advantages of a website over a social media account is that the former provides a lot more options. It can become like a business card for new guests, allowing you to get acquainted with the menu and prices. And a full-fledged online restaurant for regular customers who want to order their favorite dishes at home.</p

Similar information can be placed on pages in social networks. However, it will not be so easy to find it. Structuring an account by creating subsections that users can find in a couple of seconds is almost impossible.

A quality website will allow your target audience to instantly see the information they are interested in:

  • menu with photos and prices of dishes (implemented the possibility of ordering online);
  • contact details (both e-mail, phone and location address, as well as a map with the ability to zoom in / out);
  • review book, news and events poster (promotions, coming holidays, special offers);
  • about the restaurant.

Even with a large number of sections and subsections, guests can find the necessary information in full without any problems. You don't have to think about the limits of "square centimeters", as is the case with social networks.

Where to order a website for a restaurant?

If you are interested in the professional development of a website for a restaurant, and you want to get a high-quality project with beautiful graphics, user-friendly interface and competent adaptation for mobile devices, please contact Food Digital Service.

You will be offered a ready-made solution, which within 2-3 days will be set up by specialists for receiving, tracking orders and delivering dishes from your establishment. The site will be made in the corporate style you need, have the appropriate logo, recognizable elements, fonts and colors.

Innovative platform from "Food Digital Service" will become your full-fledged virtual restaurant. The project will be fully adapted for tablets and phones. Therefore, its part of the "mobile" you will not lose your audience.

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