The trend for mobile Internet in the restaurant business

The trend for mobile Internet in the restaurant business

If you are interested in developing a website for a restaurant, do not rush to choose a contractor. A high-quality institution portal must meet many requirements. Including, be adapted for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Restaurant business and mobile Internet – relationship

Today, even those owners who already have existing Internet resources for getting acquainted with the menu, reserving tables and delivering food want to order a website for a restaurant with adaptation for mobile devices.

The reason for the popularity of adapted projects is extremely simple. A smartphone is a constant companion of any modern person. If a restaurant site allows you to conveniently view information only from a PC, its regular visitors will not include a huge part of the "mobile" website. Internet audience.

Important! According to statistics, approximately 70% of the total number of users today – people entering the global network not from personal computers, but from phones.

Even those citizens who have a PC turned on at hand often prefer to browse sites from mobile devices. In particular, if the pages of "full-fledged" resources "heavy" and open for a long time.

A few more striking statistics: approximately 80% of people, before visiting a restaurant directly (including when visiting again), look for information about it on the Internet. And most often they do it just with the help of the phone. Resource without "mobile" adaptation will scare away potential customers with a crooked display of information and photos.

What does a site adapted for smartphones provide?

The presence of a "regular" A portal with high-quality graphics and content that is useful for ordering does not guarantee you traffic and customers from mobile devices. If your Internet project cannot display a photo of a dish or, for example, the entire menu, without having to scroll up and down and left and right on the web page, you lose an impressive number of potential customers.

A site without adaptation for smartphones and tablets is also bad for those who do not have constant access to a 4G network or high-quality WiFi. Such users will either have to be content with slow loading pages from a PC, or fast, but inconvenient use of your portal from a mobile phone.

Ordering an adapted website for a restaurant, you will receive:

  • Growth in the number of orders. Your customers will include numerous mobile device owners. Every year the share of mobile traffic is only increasing;
  • Loyalty increase. Users who previously had to spend extra time and nerves on viewing an inconvenient (not adapted for compact screens) portal from smartphones will now be able to comfortably explore the offers of your institution.
  • The existing online resource of the establishment can also be transferred to a site with the indicated benefits. A new project can be designed in the same color scheme, have the same graphic and text components.

How to launch a website in a short time?

If you are taking the first steps in moving your restaurant business to the Internet, or you have a portal that does not meet modern requirements, use the services of the studio. In the shortest possible time you will receive a website that:

  • is characterized by maximum performance;
  • is equally convenient for viewing from PC, smartphones and tablets;
  • has all the necessary sections and subsections;
  • connected to Google Analytics;
  • filled with high-quality graphics and unique content;
  • is connected to social networks;
  • has the necessary functionality for viewing and ordering dishes.

You can launch a website adapted for mobile phones with the help of within 3 days. The cost of developer services pays for itself in a short time – the number of users is increasing. This means that sales and profits from the restaurant business are growing.

Responsive design websites contain all the necessary subsections, allowing you to view them conveniently and quickly:

  • menu with ingredients, photos, etc.;
  • work schedule and location (adapted portals include geo-maps);
  • Contact information and information about organized events.

In other words, to transfer the "usual" site to mobile online, you do not need to refuse any elements.

The main goal of site adaptation

Regardless of how the guest ended up on the portal of your restaurant – on the recommendation of a friend or by chance, he should enjoy watching content from any device. Many decide where to eat while in traffic or completely spontaneously, "walking" over mobile internet.

If a user has found your establishment using a tablet or smartphone and cannot easily navigate through the pages of the site, they are more likely to go to eat somewhere else. The main goal of adapting restaurant services is precisely to prevent this.

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