Telegram integration instructions

Telegram integration instructions

Includes: registering a bot, adding a bot to a channel (group) and entering data on the site.

Creating a telegram bot

To create a telegram bot, follow these steps:

  1. In Telegram, find the bot user “BotFather”. telegram img 1 BotFather
  2. In a chat with the bot, write the command “/start”. telegram img 2 command
  3. In a chat with a bot, write the command “/newbot” and follow the instructions:
    • enter bot name;
    • Enter “username” bot. Note: it must necessarily end with “bot”, for example “fds_demo_bot” (we will search for the bot by this name later).
    • The bot has been created and we have received its “token”. We will put this token on the site, so keep it handy.
    telegram img 3 token

Adding a bot to a channel (group)

  1. Create a telegram group and add a bot with administrator rights to it (if the group already exists, just add the bot to it). In the search we drive “username” bot that we entered when creating the bot. In our case it is “fds_demo_bot”.telegram img 4
  2. Now we need to get the id of this group. To do this, you must send any message to the group. Then follow this link{token}/getUpdates , where “{token}” this is the bot token we got when we created the bot. In our example, the link will look like On this page, we need to find the chat id value. In our example, this is “-221363777”. telegram img 5 group All the necessary data is there. Go to the site admin area.

Entering data into the site

  1. Go to “Site Settings” (in the top menu). Next is the Telegram tab.
  2. Put a tick on “Send data to telegram”, in the field “Bot token” - enter the token of our bot (1082167235:AAE0LivyczCeBKY53VtLjitTdBqs6INc9Eo). In the “Chat Id” - chat id. (-221363777). telegram img 6 Send data
  3. Save.
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