Why ordering a website for a restaurant is more profitable in FDS than with a company that just develops websites

Why ordering a website for a restaurant is more profitable in FDS than with a company that just develops websites

In a period of crisis and technical innovation, you need to keep your finger on the pulse and not lose your composure. How to withstand a blow to a food service business?

The best way out of this situation — create a website for a restaurant and go online. Even if you've never worked online, don't be afraid to take the first step and try something radically new. It doesn't matter how big your business is — an Italian restaurant with branches or a modest bakery.

Food Digital Service staff will help you create a site focused on your establishment in just a few days. You can keep your business alive able and safely survive the difficulties of a global scale. At the same time, you do not have to fire employees: waiters can work as couriers, and administrators will process orders.

Disadvantages of conventional sites

Now almost every cafe has its own website. But not all sites are user-friendly. It is not uncommon to see the menu format in PDF. It can be viewed, but there is no way to click on the order button next to the dish you like. Such simplified sites do not allow customers to order online and thus deprive the owners of establishments of additional profit.

Due to the pandemic, restaurants simply do not work as usual, so ordering through the site is the only possible profit. Therefore, cafe owners offer delivery through third-party services, because of which you need to pay an additional high commission. But it should be borne in mind that not all settlements have delivery services. As for mobile communications, gadgets, the Internet, virtually everyone has them. This is a big disadvantage of creating a website for companies that do not know the specifics of the business and create something primitive, inconvenient, for general use.

What a virtual restaurant should look like

Developing a website for a restaurant is the creation of a platform where you can order your dishes and drinks without using third-party services. In just 2-3 days, the site will start functioning, and you will receive the first orders.

What is included in the virtual restaurant:

  • Menu. The developers will create a menu structure using your products. In addition, you will receive instructions on how to add the names of dishes, their photos, composition and descriptions, as well as set prices. The control system is convenient, clear and simple.
  • The ability to receive notifications. If customers will order through your site, it is important to receive notifications about this in a timely manner. Notifications will be sent to Telegram or email — whatever you prefer.
  • Recognizable design. The site should be designed in the same style and shades as your establishment. These are characteristic colors, logos, fonts, photographs, corporate design style.

All aspects of a restaurant are important as they make a good impression, attract customers and create maximum convenience for the administrators who take orders.

The benefits of creating a website for a restaurant in FDS

Don't take the easy way out and build websites for restaurants on dubious platforms. You will spend money, but you will not get the expected effect. If your goal is to support the business, keep it from running aground, and retain loyal customers, your best bet is to order a restaurant website from the professionals at FDS. Our team offers convenient, fast and inexpensive solutions that will prove useful for any kind of restaurant or cafe.

Our employees have extensive experience in the restaurant business. They will do everything to make you happy with the result. By ordering the service, you will receive a completely ready-to-work website with a full range of convenient and useful functions, the ability to receive requests from customers online. This is a kind of online store selling products of restaurants and cafes. Once you have a professional website, you can upload the contacts of the establishment to it, enter all the dishes that you usually serve to visitors on the menu, and wait for the orders to start coming in. This solution will allow you to quickly switch to a remote mode of work and rebuild business tools in a slightly different format.

Our advantages:

  • the team has extensive experience in creating websites for cafes and restaurants;
  • we know what the owners of food establishments need, and we guess their desires from a half-word;
  • we make websites on a turnkey basis, we work out all the details, including the color of the icons and the overall design;
  • the site will be at your disposal within 3 days after your request;
  • We have democratic prices: the cost of one website — from $200.

Food Digital Service Platform — the best solution for those who do not want to be left without work. Thanks to your own website with the ability to order dishes, you will keep not only a stable income, but also your permanent employees — waiters, cooks, administrators. It is worth remembering that the crisis will sooner or later come to naught, but not everyone will be able to return the business and reach the previous level. Do not risk your well-being, contact the professionals — the FDS platform will give your restaurant a new life.

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