Restaurant menu in PDF. Why is it inconvenient?

Restaurant menu in PDF. Why is it inconvenient?

Each restaurant's website, regardless of the number of dishes they offer or their cost, the possibility of home delivery and any other specific parameters, must contain a menu. It is thanks to this “presentation” that Internet users can choose the desired food and drinks, and, more importantly, place an order without communicating with the operator-manager.

Restaurant menu formats

Most often, a website for a restaurant contains a menu in one of the following formats:

  • PDF files – an electronic document with a list of dishes, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and prices. Small print may indicate the composition, calorie content and other features of the proposals.
  • Categories and subcategories – for desserts, cold and hot appetizers, first and second courses, separate sections are provided. The pages contain detailed and complete information (most often with a photo), which allows you to make the right choice faster and easier.

If you want to order a website for a restaurant, the choice of menu format should be taken very seriously. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of possible solutions.

Menu in PDF or by category – which option is preferable?

The sites of restaurants and cafes adapted for smartphones and tablets allow you to view the menu by sections and subcategories with maximum convenience. We started talking about mobile traffic because about 65-70% of visitors now come to the portals of catering establishments from phones and other gadgets.

If menus are presented as PDF sheets on your site, smartphone users may have at least two problems:

  • The process of navigating in search of interesting dishes and drinks will be inconvenient and lengthy.

A potential guest of your restaurant will have to scroll through unnecessary categories on the pages, looking for the one for which he came to the resource at all. There is a good chance that a potential customer will simply close the web tab and go to a more user-friendly portal without actually becoming a visitor to your establishment.

This is especially important for non-specialized restaurants with extensive menus spanning at least three to five pages.

However, even if the assortment of treats is rather modest, it is also not easy to get acquainted with it from PDF sheets. Care is required so as not to miss the right offer. And then don't "slip off" view from its price, located in another part of the page.

  • You may need to download specialized software.

Some phones require specialized software to work with PDF. Without such software, devices simply will not open files. The result may be different – in the best case, the user will call your restaurant number and find out the necessary information over the phone. At worst – he will also leave the resource, having received negative impressions on a subconscious level.

If you are interested in developing a website for a restaurant, order a project that:

  1. Adapted for viewing from mobile devices. The share of mobile traffic is growing every year.
  2. It has a convenient menu by category and the ability to order dishes online.

The cost of a quality portal will pay for itself in the shortest possible time – the number of visitors, including offline, will definitely increase.

Where to order a website for a restaurant?

By contacting the Food Digital Service, you can launch a beautiful and easy-to-use restaurant website within 3 days. The portal can be made in the corporate style of your institution, in its colors.

The menu system will be convenient not only for guests of your Internet resource (it doesn’t matter if they come from a PC or smartphone), but also for you.

With the help of "Food Digital Service" you can get rid of boring white-and-black PDF lists, dotted with small hard-to-read letters. And get a colorful and informative menu with catchy and mouth-watering photos. Your potential and existing guests will no longer have to call managers, wasting time talking and ordering treats.

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