Instructions for registering liqpay

Instructions for registering liqpay

Includes: registration on the site, setting up an account and entering data on the site.

  1. Go to the website . Click "Register" in the upper right corner. Enter your phone number. Confirm registration via phone.
  2. Fill in all required fields in the first step. liqpay img 1
  3. Go to the second step. We also fill in all the required fields. liqpay img 2
  4. In the next step, we get the keys: test and working. It is necessary to transfer these keys to developers. liqpay img 3
  5. Click on the “Set up payment page” button. In the “Api” check the box “Autoredirect” and click “Save”.liqpay img 4

Company activation (important, don't forget)

To activate a company, go to the activation page (from the side menu) and follow the instructions.

liqpay img 5

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